The Do’s and Don’ts of Co-Working


Do… be considerate of others by properly utilizing the different spaces within the office. Conversations between co-workers should take place in conference rooms or areas away from others who are working. Phone calls should be made in privacy pods. Doing this will help minimize noise levels in the space. 


Don’t… isolate yourself. Take opportunities to get to know and interact with others within the co-working environment. Getting to know your co-workers will not only help you build professional relationships, but also give you the opportunity to collaborate with others to foster new ideas, establish new connections and grow your business.


Do… interact with the larger community. Get out and explore all the area has to offer and meet new people along the way. Downtown Schenectady has so much to offer throughout the year. Catch a show, eat at one of our amazing restaurants or simply take a stroll at the harbor. Learn more about what you can do at


Don’t… leave a mess behind you- always clean up after yourself! This is not just limited to your work space, but includes washing and putting away dishes, removing expired or unwanted food from the refrigerator, and making sure that you leave the space the way you found it so it’s ready for the next person.


Do… take full advantage of your membership! Be sure to get the most out of your money by attending events and workshops. Check your email to stay up-to-date on the very latest events!


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